Wadzanai Motsi-Khatai

Organizer, Innovator, Advocate

I believe in the possibility of a more inclusive, sustainable and socially just world. I provide project management and communications services to communities and organizations that are actively working to shift the paradigm and make the possibility of a better world, a reality.

Paivapo Story night 2018 (c) W. Motsi-Khatai

I am passionate about building communities, developing impactful organizations, and working with innovators to grow projects that promote social justice.

Afrolynk Conference 2019 (c) R. Murombo

I am always looking for ways to change the status quo, dismantling systems of inequality, in favor of building disruptive, inclusive, and empowering spaces and initiatives.

Mentoring workshop 2018 (c) W. Motsi-Khatai

I work in support of marginalized, and under-served communities, promoting intersectional approaches to economic and social development across sectors.

African Perspektive Portrait, AfrikAkzent